I’m Katia Abu Toboul, a freelance group exercise instructor, a previous pianist and a hiker, a Couchsurfer, a piano teacher, a daughter, a sister, a friend and an aunt already!

I speak Arabic, English, Russian and some German. I’m half Palestinian, from my father’s side, and half Russian from my mother’s. I reside in Amman, Jordan, Middle East. And so far my country is in peace.

I have started blogging during October 2013, because I like writing and reading, and I hope one day to publish novels on Amazon and maybe one day have my works published in hard copies.

I write about different topics on my blog. My main focus is fitness in general, since it’s my daily life. I enjoy writing reviews and criticism over fitness programs and experiences, also over supplements and diets. You can find my daily workouts published as well under “Body Under Maintenance”. I started this subject nearly a month ago, and the reason behind it, is not to show off, as many people think, but rather to experiment a whole new life at the gym, to reach my appearance and strength goals, plus inspiring people to go on and do their workouts. I’m looking forwards to see more and more people working out, whether they do it indoors, like we do in my country, or outdoors like it’s possible in other countries.

I get to experience lots of good and bad things, in fitness we are exposed to good changes, like shape and tone and feel stronger, and to negative ones, like injuries, regardless of the size of injuries. And I think sharing all that with people around the globe will help people focus on keeping themselves safe and cool.

I’m a Les Mills internationally certified instructor, and I hope to excel in my career. There are so many things we can do as Les Mills instructors, like being National Master Trainers, Assessors, and more. At the moment I’m working on my strength, fitness level and athletic appearance.

I thought for a while I’m not very good at fantasy and so I decided to write a whole series of fantasy which I called “The Kingdom Of All Kingdoms”, that you can find under Sarcastic Fantasy, which goes on in a realistic ironic manner. In general I’m a sarcastic person, and although many people hate this about me I couldn’t change myself, I’m an ironic blunt critic, but year after year, as I’m getting maturer, I hope, I’m turning softer and gentler.

2014 was all in all bad for me, I still didn’t decide if I want to share why it was bad on my blog, maybe one day I can, and that led me to write “The Kingdom Of All Kingdoms”, reflecting my negativity and my views of how unfair the world is in a fictional way. Bad incidents and experiences with life and people inspire me to write and continue my episodes in there. I have already published 16 different episodes.

I like to travel a lot, and I try to travel every time I could. My job is exhausting and for that I often seek quiet relaxing places for vacations. I enjoy spending time taking pictures during vacations, and a few years ago I bought a “Sony a230”, which I was happy with for a while but not anymore. Anyway, traveling is a blessing, for those who can afford it. I have been to different countries in Europe, Arab World and once to Africa. And I’m looking forwards to explore more of this planet we live on. Sharing pictures on vacations is such a beautiful thing! I hope for people to pay more attention on taking real good pictures and sharing them, for others to see what they can’t see in real with their own eyes! You never know what you could waken in a person or how you can inspire them to change their lives. You can see some pictures in my gallery.

I have published some poems and prose, although I’m not a big fan of poems, how contradictory I know.

I hope I can reach a point of continuous focus and literary maturity to write proper reviews about fiction books, as I enjoy reading them so much.

I love pets and animals, I so wish to have a German Shepherd and a real Arabian horse. For now I can only afford to have cats and their kittens πŸ™‚

I believe life is not easy, it’s not equally fair, some of us are luckier than others, and some are happier than others. I wasn’t all that sensitive towards other people, but last year changed me a lot, and revived some sympathy and empathy that was probably dead in me. I know it seems to all of us that we are all selfish and cold, but I do believe that we can change that impression and fear that we all have towards one another. People need to get rid of their egos, and look equally to other people. I would like to believe that the human race can be more decent, peaceful, and more human. I so want to see change in people’s treatment towards each other, in the streets, in offices and shopping malls. If you can be nice to people around you, even to strangers, you may spread some good impact, so why don’t we all try to drop the rage and to stop reflecting our stress on each other. There is so much violence in the world, we don’t need to add more. I’m not perfect, but I try to help the elders, to make random kids smile, to make teens my friends and listen to their problems and guide them into their lives, as often as I get the chance. Because as much as I teach people something, I learn from them.

That’s all about me and my blog for now, I hope to read more of yours soon!

Somewhere in downtown, Amman, Jordan!

Somewhere in downtown, Amman, Jordan!



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